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Gemma Cooper-Novack
Photo by Edward Grattan

Is writing holding you back when you’re trying to get ahead? Do you struggle with structure every time you write? Does writing sometimes make you want to quit? I guide writers through the development of their work — from academic writing to fiction, from application essays and test essays to plays. I have a subspecialty in working with individuals with disabilities, including executive functioning disorders (such as ADHD), learning disabilities, and anxiety disorders; my unique process-based coaching system supports all writers of all ages and skill levels, from high school students to doctoral candidates, by focusing on the individual’s specific writing process. I conduct in-person coaching sessions in the Central New York area; for those farther-flung, I am happy to arrange virtual sessions.

In addition, I am a teacher of writing, working in Syracuse, New York City, and virtually. I work with middle school students, teenagers, college students, and adults.

Gemma was incredibly patient and attentive. She helped me discover and develop my own personal writing process. She was a godsend for someone with LDs like mine.


graduate student

Thank you for the impact you have made in my education.


GED student

"Gemma's goal with my son was to develop a habit of mind with regard to essay writing and develop a strategy for outlining his argument and choosing relevant quotes in the text. My son said she asked really good questions and made him 'dig deep' to think about the text as it relates to the prompt."


mother of 10th-grader

Gemma helped me pass the writing portion of the communication/literacy MTEL! She provided me with useful strategies that made the test so much easier.


student teacher

Working with Gemma has transformed my writing process. In our weekly meetings, Gemma helps me to prioritize the papers I’m working on, think short-term and long-term about what writing projects I want to accomplish, and carve out time in my schedule for specific writing tasks. When I feel stuck on a paper, or completely overwhelmed by my work, she gives me encouragement and helps me find a way out. When I need help thinking through the logic of a section or even a paragraph, she reads with a sharp but empathetic eye. She always seems to grasp what I’m trying to do even when my writing is a mess. I love working with Gemma! I’m a much more focused, productive and calm writer as result of her coaching. I sing her praises to all my academic friends!


graduate student

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