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Gemma Cooper-Novack
Photo by Edward Grattan

Is writing holding you back when you’re trying to get ahead? Do you struggle with structure every time you write? Does writing sometimes make you want to quit? I guide writers through the development of their work — from academic writing to fiction, from application essays and test essays to plays. I have a subspecialty in working with individuals with disabilities, including executive functioning disorders (such as ADHD), learning disabilities, and anxiety disorders; my unique process-based coaching system supports all writers of all ages and skill levels, from high school students to doctoral candidates, by focusing on the individual’s specific writing process. I conduct in-person coaching sessions in the Central New York area; for those farther-flung, I am happy to arrange virtual sessions.

In addition, I am a teacher of writing, working in Syracuse, New York City, and virtually. I work with middle school students, teenagers, college students, and adults.

Gemma helped me break down my work, keep things manageable, and graduate from grad school. She is not only a fabulous organizational coach, but also a fabulous person, who I would recommend without hesitation.



Gemma, I like you because you taught me more lessons to write.


student, age 8

Gemma connects with her students in rich and meaningful way. She never sees a room full of students, but rather a room full of humans ready to explore and experience the world together.



I learned a lot from this program. It made me a stronger person and a writer. I will miss this program.


student, age 16

I worked with Ms. Cooper-Novack for three years in an [After School Matters] Playmaking and Performance class at my high school. I participated in the program for three years because Gemma was enthusiastic with guiding me in my style of writing (historical fiction) when others were less receptive. … Gemma is a kind and attentive teacher. She does her utmost to pull you out of the biggest creative slump with a single idea. … Any student of hers will no doubt be successful in the future.


former student

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